Mamma Mia!


Meet my dear friend Lynsey.

A couple of weeks ago we packed up the gear and set out to Castle Fraser in order to capture Lynsey and her beautiful bump before it disappeared forever!  We carried suitcases, chairs, props and camera gear in the freezing cold weather to the perfect spot.  We hung the pretty origami birds from the trees.  We got into position.  It was going to be a-ma-zing except . . . within 5 minutes the hail / snow started falling (lightly at first so we kept going) and just got worse and worse with no signs of stopping.  So we packed up and went home for a cup of tea.  This mini blog is what I captured in those few minutes. . .

Isn’t she just a BEAUTIFUL mamma?

Just thought I’d leave this photo in to show the beginnings of the snow (no, it’s not a bad case of dandruff!) and the cute origami birds which I’m sure we can use again once the little one comes along!

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