Hello and welcome to my website.  (I’m delighted you found me!)

I’m Julie – lead photographer and founder of  Button Blue Photography, specialising in wedding & portrait photography.

You’re probably wanting to know a little bit about me and my style as you consider booking me as your photographer?

Well, I’m pretty passionate about families and people and friendship and life in general, and I hope it shines through in my photography.

One of my FAVOURITE things to do is capture people as they hang out together. Simple.

I’ll capture the TENDER moments // the SERIOUS moments //  the CHEEKY moments  // the FUN moments . . .

F  O  R  E  V  E  R.

I like to mix things up a bit . . . a little bit CANDID //  a little bit POSED  //  a little bit B&W  // a little bit COLOUR and all in a very relaxed way so that I capture you at your best!

I don’t have a studio.  This means I work on-location, using natural light where possible, and take advantage of the many gorgeous locations in and around Aberdeen and the Shire. (Although, I don’t mind travelling further afield every now and then!)

I like to experiment and try out new things.  I love finding out about the latest in design.  I love decorating. I love to find new favourite places.

I love vintage.  I love retro.  I love modern.  I love edgy.  I love romantic.  I love simple.  I love elegant. I love style.

I’m married to my best friend Mark, and I’m a Mum.  My boys are probably the reason I started out on this fantastic journey of photography – I simply didn’t want to forget. I’ll be honest, my memory is terrible, and so photographs have become a vital part of our family life.  They really do keep the memories alive. And some of the most precious times I have with my boys are when we snuggle up and look through family photos together and JUST REMEMBER.

And now you know a little bit about me.  How about you? If you think we would be a good fit and you’d like to book a session then click here.